David Stampers Parents

Stamper 1954

1     Dillard Stamper
Dillard was born 07 Aug 1926 at Home near Camp Passover Missouri.
Dillard died 12 Nov 1989 at his home near Linn Creek, Missouri.
Dillard was buried at Zion Cemetary near Linn Creek, Missouri Nov. 14,1989.
Dillard and Gwendolyn Maureen Shelton (the daughter of Spurgeon Shelton and Clarice
Naomi Waite) were married 18 Nov 1950 at Camdenton by Rev.A.E.Spencer.
They lived near Linn Creek, Missouri.
They had the following children:
i Dillard Gene Stamper was born 01 Jan 1953 at Still hospital in Jefferson
City. Raised near Linn Creek, Missouri.
ii Dennis Gail Stamper was born 25 Feb 1954 at Tuscumbia hospital.
Raised near Linn Creek, Missouri.
iii James Doyle Stamper was born 06 Sep 1955 at Tuscumbia hospital.
Raised near Linn Creek, Missouri.
iv David Linn Stamper was born 18 Jan 1963 at Tuscumbia hospital.
Raised near Linn Creek, Missouri.
Occupation: Musician and Construction worker.

Dillard was born 1926 in a one room log home near Camp Passover, Missouri.
The place, which I can still locate, is in the edge of the treeline of what used
to be an open field. All that remains are the corner stones that supported the structure,
and the remains of one or two base logs still in place. This was the second log home of
his father. The first, which was in the middle of the old field, had burned. The second
was constructed quickly with the help of neighbors and relatives. The family later moved
to "Y" road near Linn Creek, Missouri. This home was constructed of milled lumber.
Dillard was a Cpl in the United States Army, WWII. Discharged Ft. Sheridan Ill.,
Feb. 6, 1947.
After the war he had several jobs, building survey towers, Ozark Woodcraft cedar works.
He met his wife while working at Ozark woodcraft. They were married and purchaced property
near Linn Creek where he lived out his life. They then joined the Ozark Square Dance team
organized by Lee Mace. They traveled all over the U.S.,appeared on the nation wide
television show "The Ted Mack Amateur Hour". Then they filmed 52 weeks worth of television
shows as one of two squaredance teams for "Classic Country" in Nashville Tenn. in 1954.
Classic Country featured all the Grand Old Opry Greats. They shared stage and dressing
rooms with legends like Marty Robbins, Ernest Tubb, June Carter, Minnie Pearl, and
Grandpa Jones. The show can still be seen from time to time and the video set has
been advertised for sale from Gannaway Productions Inc.
Dillard later continued with Lee Mace as they started the "Lee Mace's Ozark Opry"
country music show near Lake of the Ozarks Missouri. He was an excellent singer and guitar
player and stayed with the show for about 13 years. He also worked days with his roofing
business, later joining Merl Thompson with his construction business. His last 15 or so
years of work was in construction at the Lodge of the four seasons resort near Lake of
the Ozarks.
Dillard was diagnosed with cancer shortly after retireing at 62, and died in 1989
at the age of 63yrs 3mo and 5days.

Wife Gwendolyn Maureen Shelton
Maureen was born 02 Jan 1932 at home near Iberia, Missouri.
Maureen and Dillard Stamper (the son of William Earnest Stamper and Ollie May Burch)
were married 18 Nov 1950 at Camdenton By Rev.A.E.Spencer.
They had the children previously listed.
Occupation: House wife and Beautician. Maureen opened her own shop in 1963. She still works
Maureen was born 1932 in a farm home adjoining her grandfather Peter Shelton's farm
near Iberia Missouri. Then at about 3 years of age, the family moved to grandfather Peter
Shelton's home to help operate the farm. Her father later inherited the farm and she lived
there until she graduated from Iberia High School.
Maureen then moved to Iberia and apprenticed as a beautician, working for room
and board.
After graduation, she married Dillard Stamper and participated in his story described
in the previous pages.
After Dillards death in 1989, Maureen continues to work in her own shop as a beautician,
and maintains her home near Linn Creek, Missouri. She also enjoys the company of her growing
family who all live close by.

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Minnie Pearl Grandpa Jones

This is the story of how my family came to be here in Missouri !

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